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Pharmacy Technician Training at Everest College

Students of Everest's Pharmacy Technician program pour a liquid medication into a measuring beaker.

At Everest, we take your education just as seriously as you do! Employers in the pharmaceutical field prefer to hire candidates who have completed a formal pharmacy technician course, such as a degree, certificate or diploma that is accredited.

What is a pharmacy technician?

A pharmacy technician is a pharmacy staff member who works under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist, and performs many pharmacy-related functions.

What does a pharmacy technician do?

Pharmacy technician job duties include working right alongside licensed pharmacists and other pharmacy staff members to provide medication and other health care products to patients. Additional duties may include working to resolve issues with a patient's insurance or participation in state programs.

Pharmacy technician employment may include preparing prescription medications and providing drugs to patients, but can also include compounding of medications, taking doctor calls, processing expense and medication orders, handling returns and expired credits, and non-licensed pharmacy management.

Pharmacy Technician Education

At Everest, our goal is to provide the graduate with the skills and education to qualify for entry-level pharmacy technician employment positions. Many states require licensing or certification in addition to career training.

As part of your pharm tech career training, you can learn essential math and calculations for pharmacy technicians, lab work, medical and pharmacy terminology, both pharmaceutical brand and generic drug names, and much more.

Everest's curriculum programs include short-term and long-term diploma, associate, bachelor's and master’s degree programs.

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